Monday, July 9, 2018

[ACT] Schoolground Fantasy Ver.1.2.2

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Circle Etching Edge
Release Oct/02/2017
Genre Female Teacher Student Classmate School Lesbian Brunet Hair

Monsters have appeared at school! What is the cause!!? What is the reason!!?
Yuriko-sensei protects and helps us while heading towards the root this phenomenon.

[Yuriko-sensei] (Voice by: Flan Kulumu)

Always smiling, filled with a compassion so deep that it envelops you...
While at the same time, being so lustrous and seductively charming.

Her large pointy breasts! A slim yet voluptuous body! The smile of a goddess!
Certainly there is no male student that has not fapped off to her at least once!!?

[Three Motivations]

(1) Protect the students.
All over the schoolgrounds, students are under attack.
In order to save them you must...

(2) Assist the students.
"A bridge that cannot be crossed when not penetrating",
"A door that does not open ..." etc. With the students
by your side, there is not a mission you cannot clear!

(3) Furious battles with different species!!
You can savor the delicacy of interspecial erotic encounters!

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