Thursday, July 5, 2018

[ACT] Infinity Z ~Zetsurinsha Zai~ ver.1.2.0

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infinity Z ~絶倫赦罪~

Circle Etching Edge
Release May/09/2015
Genre Man/Middle-age Student Uniform School Upskirt/Spy Photo Big Breasts

An "ossan" called the Infinite One (Zetsurinsha) invades a girl's school
where especially the pretty and popular girls get F*CKED EPICALLY!!

60 base works, + variations for 400 total

4 SITUATIONS: Toilet Masturbation, Zetsurinsha VS Ero Gal, Film Appreciation, Class Humiliation
8 CHAPTERS based on the above, each 10 ~ 20 minutes long
Fast-paced one-handed play with LOTS of ECCHI scenes

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