Friday, July 13, 2018

[ACT] Dungeon of Punishment ver.2018-07-06

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Dungeon of Punishment 罰のダンジョン

Circle pompompain
Release Jul/10/2018
Genre Animalize Breeches Fantasy Torture Blood Ryona/Brutal

Helpless girls are falsely accused and thrown into a dungeon...
The components of the dungeon have been set for punishment
for criminals so the dungeon is filled with mortal traps...
Moreover, prisoners who gave up breaking out assault the girls...
Conspiracies and dangerous monsters are in their way to the exit.

* Warning
Contains lots of gore expressions!

* Story
The Dungeon of Punishment exists beneath a certain kingdom.
Prisoners go through the dungeon in order to obtain forgiveness.
But there has been no report of successful escape from the dungeon.

Unreasonably accused of "Exposing Tail", I was thrown into the Dungeon of Punishment.

* Recommended Environment

- Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

OS: Windows 7/8/10
CPU: Core i3 or greater
Memory: 4G+
HDD remaining space: 2GB+
Resolution: 1024x768
DirectX version: 11

Unity application executable environment

* The above specifications are only an approximation.

* If character models do not display:
* please install all recommended updates provided by Windows Update
* or, please install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015.

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  1. Are there any guides for this? Can seem to get only a single shitty ending.

    1. Figured it out, shitty game mechanics.

    2. How did you get past the third level with all the guards

    3. Too lazy to type it out, made a video on how to beat the level. If you haven't already.
      If you still can't watch it just wait until vimeo renders this crap.