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[RPG] Mucchi Muchi Inaka ver.1.500 [English]

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むっち無知 田舎生活

Circle Ota Guchi Field
Release Aug/14/2014
Last Modified Aug/15/2016
Genre Fetish Natural Drama/Daily Living Outdoor Exposure Brunet Hair Big Breasts

Prequel: Mucchi Muchi Summer vacation
Sequel: Mucchi Muchi School Trip

This is an adult RPG set in the Japanese countryside.

* Version additions and expanded map events are planned.

In a small town amid the nature of Japan's farming mountains,
summer vacation has brought more than hot weather.
Before school was out Yutaka was a shonen-like troublemaker...
but now she's rocking a glamorous older girl's body!
It's a shock to everyone in the area -- but it doesn't change
Yutaka's basic spunky, tomboyish ways.

Mucchi Muchi Inaka is a cheerful comedy game to pass the summer time.

76 illustrations (not including variations!)
Instead of battles there are "free events" in town and at school, around 100 scenes in total.
Events will escalate as you collect medicine ingredients and pass time in the game...

Requires RPG Tkool VX RTP (free).

How can I set my system locale to Japanese?

I get an error "RGSS****.dll could not be found"

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