Monday, June 25, 2018

[RPG] Interspecies Sex Labyrinth & the Lewd Busty Witch ~Until Patchouli Becomes a Seedbed~ ver.1.3 [English]

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Circle Kleitos
Release Jun/19/2018
Last Modified Jun/21/2018
Genre Successive Orgasms Vore Gangbang Tentacle Interspecies Sex

In this game a lewd busty witch named Patchouli gets imprisoned in a
monster-infested dungeon and attempts to escape.

This game is derived from Touhou Project, but since it's only loosely based on it,
even if you don't know the original work, it's still possible to enjoy it just for the interspecies sex.

Receiving specific lewd attacks a certain amount of times
triggers events that awaken sexual disposition skills.
Lewd attacks also raise Patchouli's climax number and increase sensitivity magnification.

Her climax frequency rises whenever her sensitivity magnification rises, and whenever she climaxes
her sensitivity magnification rises... this results in an infinite climax loop,
and since the parameters increase endlessly, it's recommended that you enjoy it as much as you wish.

There are a total of three stages and one boss battle.
Total play time is around 30-40 minutes.
Since the action parts aren't the focus of the game, their difficulty is low.
There is a free-play mode available after clearing the game.

* It is a linear game with only one ending,
but if you can clear the game without Patchouli cumming a single time,
then you'll receive a little reward.

* Situations
- slime r*pe
- goblins' gangr*pe
- tentacle r*pe
- tentacled chair
- lesbian with non-human
- vore (without tentacle)

* CG Count
- 6 Event CG (without variations)
- 7 pose art:
2 pose art for conversation + 1 sub character
1 pose art for being damaged (with strip variations)
3 pose art for sexual assault

Regarding the error: "loading error, failed to load: ......"
Windows has a maximum length that a file / directory path can be.
Please shorten folder names and / or move game's folder somewhere
with a shorter file path. (e.g. Directly into the C:/ drive)

If you like it, please consider supporting the developers/creators.
Don't forget to read FAQ page if you got any errors.

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  1. A message pops up with this game every couple of seconds saying it can't load an audio file. I think the exact one was something like audio/bgm/00title_bgm_maoudamashii_8bit19bgm_maoudamashii_8bit25.ogg. Changing the similarly named .rpgmvo file to a .ogg extension does not seem to fix this.

    1. Read FAQ page for more info. You might need to change the name encoding in winrar and extract game's rar file again.