Saturday, June 23, 2018

[ACT] Undercover Girl: The Nopan JK Sting ver.1.04 (JP)

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アンダーカバーガール ノーパンJK囮捜査痴漢監獄列車

Circle pinkgold
Release Dec/04/2013
Genre Train

Undercover Girl is a 2D side scrolling Action game
in the style of 1980s arcade classics like Kung-F* Master, Final F*ght and Ryg*r.
Play as a SCHOOLGIRL with NO PANTIES across 5 total stages.
It's hard as nails, just like they used to make 'em, but if you ever
loved punching your way through levels and remember
the enemy tricks, trial and error is the key to ERO victory!

* 5 total stages
* Gamepad compatible (recommended)

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