Thursday, June 7, 2018

[ACT] Explorer of the Golden Planet Ver.1.20

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Circle Acid Style
Release May/11/2018
Genre Clothed Female Heroine Only Dot/Pixel Nameless Sex Interspecies Sex Futanari/Dick girl

* Summery *

Most lands have sunk underwater as a result of large scale wars which 
took place all over the earth. Humans barely reestablish civilization and 
its maintenance requires a large amount of resources.
However, most resources on the earth have settled on the seafloor!
It is almost impossible to search out and salvage them!!

Therefore, the Government of Earth launches a new planet exploitation project
which is first-ever throughout the history of humankind!!!

* Planet Exploration ACT *

The scene is a planet close to the earth!
Let's collect resources on the planet and make money!!
Discover mines to exploit, living organisms to take organic materials from
and outlaws to fight for procuring weapons and bullets from!!!
You know, the law tends to be loose on an uncivilized planet!!!!
Of course, on such a dangerous planet you might be involved in some trouble!!!!?

* Various NPCs *
This time NPCs are associated with various positions, situations and groups!!
They are for example engaged in battles, roaming around and sometimes r*ped!!!
You can get their assistance if you are helpful, or they may have grudges against you if you betray!!!?

* Solid Gallery Mode *
Employs "Freestyle Gallery" that was implemented in the previous work!!!!
Includes Normal Gallery for simple viewing too!! 

* Loose Gameplay, Hard Taste *
This time the action is a bit difficult!!
This game may seem like that "Dark" learning-by-dying type of game, but don't worry!!!
There are no game over and insta-death traps! You won't lose items!!!!
The only penalty for being knocked out is losing money!!!!!
Moreover, you can improve the protagonist's parameters a lot!!!!!!
Even if confronted by a strong enemy, I think you can win 
by strengthening the protagonist again and again and again!!!!!!!
Good for you, young fellow!!!!!!!!

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