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[ACT] Echidna Wars DX [ENG-JAP]

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Circle D-Gate
Release Jan/05/2017
Genre Female Heroine Only Dot/Pixel Nonhuman/Monster Girl Yuri/Girls Love Vore

For those having trouble with [SAK1053-1202] error refer to:

* English Manual is included!

A action game where all scenes are 2D pixel art animated VORE!

When restrained by monsters, HP and SP diminishes
and when endurance runs out, the monsters will devour you whole.

In the provincial city, Ryonazawa, that Millia and co. live,
the once peaceful city is suddenly exposed to an onslaught
of inter-dimensional invaders. 'Echidna'!

The city-scape left in ruins and
legions of monsters flow through the streets.
Helpless citizens succumb one by one.

In order to reclaim their city and restore peace,
Millia and co. begin their battle against the Echidna.

* Game Characteristics
A stage clearing style action game with 4 controllable characters.
Each character has their own play style and special moves.
Use them tactfully in your fight against the monster army!

All monsters have restraining attacks.
When the character is restrained they will be... 'played with' right on the spot.
The defeat effect progression is proceeded by Z key.
In some restraint scenes, resistance can be attempted QTE style.
When endurance runs out, the monsters will devour you and...
Inside their wet and sticky stomach...
(Possible to skip the scene with A key)

Clearing the game once will unlock free battle mode.
You can summon monsters you have faced at least once.

There are 5 levels of difficulty to choose from.
At high levels of difficulty the monster action patterns are
strengthened, creating much more formidable opponents.

Full screen display possible + 1280x640 double size mode available.
Please enjoy on a big screen if you wish.

- Stage Select: Regardless of difficulty level,
you can skip to any stage that you have reached at least once.

- Special config, ??? (Title Screen): Regardless of difficulty level,
this will be unlocked upon clearing the game at least once.

If you like it, please consider supporting the developers/creators.
Don't forget to read FAQ page if you got any errors.

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