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[ACT] Chun-Li Fight!! -Gomen ne! I Orgasmed to All the Molesters-

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Circle Kiteretsu Showado
Release Mar/11/2013
Genre Chinese Dress Molestation Hentai Big Breasts

* Chikan action game

Guys see a cute girl, guys want to touch.
If we could, we'd do more. Right?

But Chu*-li says no!
No, you endless perverts!
Grab a front seat to the movie-like action.

* Stress-Free! Continuous strikes and fireballs

Enjoy the action part of the game. You're stocked
with an abundance of power. You'll have to be
molested 40 times before it's game over.
No pitfalls, either? No cheap deaths. Lots of
molesters though. Play terribly and enjoy
a movie of her final submission, complete with
shrieks of outrage. Or unleash a constant stream
of attacks that never run out. Victory is certain.

* A new direction of play

Until now KS have produced side-scrolling games.
We're aiming higher, literally, with an additional option: top-bottom scrolling.
The extra space opens up the stages quite a bit, so play on a big screen.
More enemies can be displayed and the action is more intense. Don't worry,
there are plots of items at your disposal. 8 stages. With a massive cameo
by M. Bis*n!

Compatible with keyboard + joystick:
Press E at the title screen to switch to joystick mode.
Press W to switch to keyboard mode (default).

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