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[ACT] Bitch Exorcist Rio -Action- Ver.1.06

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Circle housegame
Release Mar/19/2014
Genre Bitch Rape Woman Rapes Man Tentacle Ahegao/Gapeface Interspecies Sex

BITCH exorcism in PIXEL action!

Rio flings scrolls of banishment at slimes, goblins and tentacles,
then absorbs their in a gooey purging "ectogasm" that sends them to the other side!

That's Rio's modus operandi: constant sex! A simple Action Game
featuring the heroine of circle housegame's RPG series.

Purge evil! Shame evil and be shamed by perils in platformer style.

* 9 interspecies sex events/ero dot scenes!
* Playtime 1 hour +

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