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[RPG] The Fantasy World of Mindia -Doki Doki Temptations Mind Battle- [English]

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幻想世界マインディア ~ドキドキ誘惑マインドバトル~

Circle Neitifasu
Release Sep/25/2012
Genre Decadent/Immoral Oral Assault Woman Rapes Man Submissive Man

Mindia, a skyworld far away, where fantasies are real. 
It's a place not of the flesh, but of one's spiritual being. 

But now, it's a place facing total disaster. 
Join the goddess Dia and become the hero who will save Mindia from a powerful enemy: 
the Mind Succubi, she-demons who are sex-bent on ruling the skyworld. 

* What is a Mind Battle? 
In the spiritual realm of Mindia, battles are not won with physical strikes. 
However, your body is in physical danger. You will need to survive 
wave after wave of temptation, sweetness, seduction, lust. 
If you lose, your spirit will die, and your body in the real world too. 

* Who are the Mind Succubi? 
An invading race of beautiful she-demons. 
They lure humans and slurp up their souls without remorse. 
Exceedingly skilled at Mind Battle, they each have a special 
talent and prey on people in their territory. 

* The link between Fantasy and Reality 
Mindia shares a real world link, and the most important thing is one's spirit. 
Things in the real world can't transfer to Mindia... but the reverse... 

Over 80 monster types
Over 30 CG event images! 
Multiple endings! 
Unlockable gallery (beat the game) 

A game of assault, reverse r*pe and sinful pleasure. 
Your RPG adventure begins! 

Requires RPG Tkool Ace (free) 

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  1. have you beat this game by chance lol I am stuck on the last puzzle of mind castle @.@ driving me crazy