Thursday, May 10, 2018

[ACT] Sword Of Ryonasis ~Kirsch In Lewd Labyrinth~ Ver.1.04

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Sword Of Ryonasis ~キルシュと淫獄の迷宮~

Circle ankoku marimokan
Release Dec/23/2017
Last Modified Jan/08/2018 
Genre Fantasy Splatter R*pe Tentacle Interspecies Sex Ryona/Brutal

* Story
A whole knight legion was literally swallowed by a shady dungeon, 
often regarded as the residence of the Evil God. A rookie knightess 
Kirsch, left alone by the other knights, gets into the dungeon but 
she is cast "magic spell of lewd emblem" there. 

Barely given escape by the Holy Sword, she restarts moving forward.

* Overview
An Ero Ryona (hardcore) 2D Side-Scroll ACT game. 
Beat the dungeon through various erotic attacks of 
monsters and ryona (hardcore) attacks of traps on the way.

For those who do not want to see grotesque or 
ryona scenes, "Guro Filter" is loaded (turned off by default).

[Defeat Enemies, Get EXP]
You can earn EXP by beating enemies. It can be used for many purposes:
to recover a stock, to accelerate MP bar, to attain new skills and magics.

[Be R*ped, Get EXP!?]
When her HP run out, her armor is cast off and she falls down.
The only way to revive is to crawl toward the holy sword and get it back.
If she touched an enemy, she is r*ped but EXP will be given.

[No Game Over]
You can try a stage as many times as you want. 

[Filled with Various Erotic Scenes That Enrich the Adventure]
R*ped by monsters / Entrapped and skewered / Sexually harassed 
in order to get skills / Left being gangr*ped with no remaining stock 

* H Scene Voice
CV: Ryou Suzuki / Black Works Voice Materials Set

18 base CG / 32 x H Animations / 35 x Ryona Animations / And More Animations
CG Mode / Pixel Anime Gallery Mode / Stage Select Function
6 Stages Total + Extra

* "Clear Save Data" is included.

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  1. yeah be careful of this one there's a buttload of gore if you're not into it but otherwise it's a thicc knight getting fucked so thats great

    1. you can turn it off on option thou