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[ACT] Summon of Asmodeus (JP)

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Circle PinkPeach
Release Apr/28/2018
Genre Anime Sister Fantasy Internal Cumshot Violation Blonde Hair

* Synopsis
A serial abduction case occurs in a small village "Summon".
It leads the villagers to believe in a rumor that the abducted 
ones are to be sacrificed to a certain kind of ritual...

Given that a pair of nuns dispatched from a rural church is 
reported to be lost in a forest, the Cathedral finally decides
to send a battle sister "Elina" to the forest in order to 
bring the incident to a conclusion......

An exploration based action game to prevent an enigmatic ritual 
from operating with the help of the divine power.

* H Scenes
If she gets repeatedly damaged within a short time, some dark power 
will infiltrate her body and she becomes helpless for a while.
Plus if an enemy touches her in this state, she will be violated.
When her health runs out the scene moves on to 
an animated CG scene that is separated into several levels. 
Her clothes will be ripped off upon being r*ped.

Abducted villagers are to be violated as well. It is one of her 
objectives to rescue them. All CG and H actions are animated.

* Control
Arrow keys: Move
C key: Jump
Z key: Close range attack
X key: Shoot
Hold X key: Skill
Hold V key: Recover
F key: Inspect
Shift key: Dodge
ESC key: System Menu

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  1. It says, "This app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher."

    Are you using a 64 bit system to run it?