Friday, May 11, 2018

[ACT-RPG] MonsterGirlCastle ver.1.10

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Circle sea side Atelier
Release Jan/08/2017
Genre Anime Nonhuman/Monster Girl Fantasy R*pe

== Story ==
In a land where monster girls reign supreme.
Your little sister has been kidnapped and held captive in a castle.
In order to save her, with help from companions, you attempt to infiltrate.

== Outline ==
An action RPG which takes place from the players point of view.
Defeat enemies, do erotic things and raise your parameters!

The battle and H contents occur with simultaneous 
progression in smooth fully 3D animation!

Gallery room feature for viewing at your leisure.

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  1. So the gallery room after you beat mission 15 looks like it still has one last locked character, does anyone know if there is indeed anything to unlock after the last boss?

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  2. I'd tell you if I could figure out how to play this damn thing.

  3. Beating the first boss is goddamn impossible. Any tips? She's always on my ass so I can't run and turn around quick enough without being hit by a lot. What do the fire stones do?

    1. Am not stuck on the maze in scene 2 cause I cant read the tombs or whatever they are.