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[ACT] Orgafighter - ERO Flash Action GAME

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オルガファイター ERO Flash Action GAME

Circle ONEONE1
Release Jan/11/2013
Genre Successive Orgasms Masturbation Rape Tentacle Robot Sex Big Breasts

Flash-based original 2D action game 

* Punch, kick, special move, super special move 
* Play as Ayana, the fight girl, to defeat the aliens and monsters that have come to conquer her school 
* Damage is reflected by the increasingly nude character 
* Orgasms make Ayana stronger! Rare monsters boost her orgasmeter. 
* Each stage has a unique Game Over scene! 
* 5 varieties of animation scene! 
* Fully voiced (CV: Ao Inukai) 
* Save feature! Archive your progress free from having to start over 
* Unlockable gallery mode, hell mode, stage select 

The full game has 20 types of monsters and 5 stages 
Each of the 20 monsters offers 2 types of sex scene 
BGM included

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