Thursday, April 5, 2018

[SLG] one shot H3 Ver.1.1

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Circle purple-pink
Release Dec/16/2017
Last Modified Jan/14/2018 
Genre Touching Urination Internal Cumshot Rape Golden Shower/Urination Anal

Two scenes, touchy feely simple molestation flash game.
No opening or ending, just naughty osawari fun!

In a certain restaurant, you lurk under a table 
and perform H mischief on a girl sneakily.
As you continue teasing her crotch, she...

- She reacts differently as her sensuality heats up
- 3 different types of play / auto mode
(with hand / mouth / 'tool')
- the girl has 5 types of underwear = randomly chosen
(you can change the color at your desire)

Please be careful to adjust your sound volume before playing.

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