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[RPG] Angelic Force Yuki ver.1.2 [English]

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Circle enuemu
Release Aug/01/2017
Genre Breasts, Transforming Girl, Corrupted Morals, Big Tits, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Rape, Tentacles, Futa/Shemale, Oral Sex, Japanese Game, Censored, Female Protagonist, Monster

* Control heroine of justice Yuki and transform into Angel Feelia 
to protect the peace of your town against lewd demon creatures!!

* Feelia's ability is to turn "eros into power" for fighting!

* When she receives erotic attacks in battle her EP (Eros Power) 
will charge up and eventually become capable of using powerful skills!

If she raises her lewdness enough, she will become capable 
of masturbating during battle and charging her EP by herself!

* Infiltrate "strains in time and space" and defeat the demons lurking there!
But beware, erotic battles and traps await the unsuspecting Feelia!

* 15 erotic battle scenes! (including variations and monsterfied reverse r*pe)
* 4 dungeon trap scenes

* Listen to the worries of the townsfolk and reduce "negative feelings"!
Of course, there will sometimes be some erotic requests that need fulfilling...

* 7 erotic pose art scenes
* As her lewdness level increases, H events will occur around town.

* The 4 demon generals assail the town!

* 8 erotic defeat scenes x 2 levels of arousal

* Losing to the 4 demon generals will trigger 
erotic defeat scenes and also a bad ending.
* Monsterfication, Corruption to Darkness, Hypnotized D*ck-Chick, etc

* A time limit. Feeding off the "negative feelings" of the 
townsfolk, the demonic egg will hatch on the 30th day!?

* 32 base HCG / 62 (+1) erotic scenes including 
erotic battles, erotic pose art and erotic events
Approximately 2~3 hours play time

* New Game Plus, reminiscence mode, Good End / Bad Ends available.

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

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