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[ACT] Samurai Sacrament Ver.1.2.00

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Release Oct/08/2015
Genre Clothed Female Heroine Only Dot/Pixel Violence Rape Ryona/Brutal


In 2044 A.D. a sudden outbreak of "filth souls" terrifies an unprepared city. 
Born motherless with a hive mind and only the XY chromosome across their species, 
the filth souls are driven by instinct. They need to breed with other species.
Mutations and evolutions are sure to come. No human is safe. 


MOSABOX presents Samurai Sacrament: 
a futuristic sci fi hack-and-slash pixel action platformer 
with classic melee action and adults-only eroticism. 

Play as Sakura Sakurazaka, an agent of the Class B Soul Elimination Bureau 
who wields a soul-splitting Mihikari and a license to kill. 

Obtain items to assist her violent, sexually perilous duties across 5 stages. 
You may choose from 3 difficulties at the start of the game. 
In classic hentai game fashion, Sakura will be ravished by enemies if she's downed. 
Game overs are accompanied by erotic CGs for each situation. 

Ero pixel count: 20 bodies
CG count: 24 images + 1

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