Wednesday, April 4, 2018

[ACT] BoinLocker

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Circle BraBusterSystem
Release Mar/31/2018
Genre Breasts Swimwear Hilarious Big Breasts

Get it with Lingerie Combo!! Aim for Attack Of The Bra-Buster!!

In this game, you change lingerie into stars to collect them at once, 
where lingerie floats in the air powered by a physics engine.

Stars you get become your erection power, that deals damage to bra strings.

When bra strings break, Attack Of The Bra-Buster takes place 
and everything (including swimsuit) will be blown away.

This game is kind of hard to explain, but I think you can get used to this game as you play.

A gamepad is recommended but can be controlled with a keyboard too.
(seems hard with a keyboard but might be still easy)

1280x720 window resolution

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