Thursday, March 29, 2018

[SHOOTER] Petite To Love-Ru Shooting 4

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Circle Punitto dot
Release Mar/14/2018
Genre Touching Clothes Changing Breasts Hairless

A retro styled somewhat erotic strip shooting game.
Use the mouse to move and attack and get 'er nekkid!

Contains 1 character with powered up graphics and features.

* Features
Clothing damage system! A bit erotic shooting game
Only mouse easy control
360 degree attack capable all direction STG
2 attack styles (forward cone and spread)
Ease of play can be customized from the menu
Power up options have been increased
Difficulty options x 3 / enemies differ by difficulty
Introduction of hidden items (maybe?)
An auto-save feature
Gallery mode All-Apply Clothing Button
Bouncing boobs animated
Touching function is loaded in the gallery mode

* Additions from previous "Petite To L*ve-Ru Shooting 3"
"Challenge Mission" is added. Achieve to get rewards
Zoom in/out function in the gallery mode (zoom-in is experimental)
More visible icons on buttons in the gallery mode
2 slots for save data (also adapted to the previous game in update)

Mouse moves the character
Left click attacks (hold for auto rapid-fire)
Right click for changing weapon fire style

* Power up at the shop!
Endurance, strength, rapid-fire, spread, destruction, 
shield, invincibility time, money acquisition!

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