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[RPG] The ability to manipulate demons Ver.1.12 [English]

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Circle Hasoyua
Release Nov/11/2017
Genre Collar/Chain/Hamper Maid Violation Restraint Captivity Hypnosis

Readme file say it's a trial ver. but it's actually a full game.

Forti, the maid working for the Blanchar household has infiltrated a den of thieves. 
After her master, the young lady Risette, was classified as a demon by the church, 
she was abducted by a mysterious group of thieves...

The entire incident was seen as a means to let the demon escape and the head 
of the Blanchar household was judged guilty of defying the church and executed 

The thieves that abducted Risette are still at large...
In order to save her master and prove the innocence of the Blanchar household, 
the once upon a time assassin Forti...... takes up her blade once more.

* You can avoid battles by not entering the line of sight of enemies.
Ambushing and temptation is also possible.
By performing certain events, even the boss battles are avoidable.
By using items and preparing your equipment, victory by battle is possible too.

* In this work, the protagonist's sensual areas, sexual tendencies, 
sexual experience and the difficulty can be set freely by the player.
Message skip and battle speed increasing features available.
Please play the game in the manner that you will most enjoy.
Regarding H scenes, even if you don't watch them, 
they can be added to the reminiscence for viewing at a later time.

* Being defeated in battle will not result in a game over (with a few exceptions)
Upon defeat, the protagonist will be r*ped and begin again from a confined state.
Also, during battle, clothing tearing and violation are possible too.

* The contents of the H scenes will change relative to the
protagonist's weak / sensual spots and sexual experience.
Encountering an H scene will unlock all variations for that scene 
so you don't have to play with different parameters to unlock.

13 base CG + variations = 100+
There are also erotic pose art displayed upon receiving sexual attacks in battle.
Pretty much all human x human sexual action (+ a little bit of interspecies stuff)

If you like it, please consider supporting the developers/creators.
Don't forget to read FAQ page if you got any errors.

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