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[OTHER] Our Baseball Club Manager Girl Was Framed in a Bunk Bed so I Banged Her

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Circle Miracle Heart Follow  91
Release Dec/31/2017
Genre Touching Cross-section View Cuckoldry Violation Restraint Humiliation

* Prologue

All members of the baseball club is on a 2-day summer training camp.
In a camp site situated in countryside, they practice baseball in daytime 
and have dinner and meeting at night in order to train both body and mind.

But a problem is that only a single room is provided for them, which means 
even a manager girl has to sleep in a same room with male trainees. 

"Hurry up guys! Put your uniform on and gather in the playing ground!!"

Without having a much time to rest, trainees go to the playing ground soon...

* Manager
Name: Mana Yamagishi
A baseball enthusiast girl. Diligent and steady personality.
Having a boyfriend but extraordinary chaste as she won't 
even hold man's hand until marriage. A virgin of course.

* Framed in a bunk bed
Doing H thing on the manager who gets framed in a bunk bed.
She will resist and beg for forgiveness but just ignore them. lol

You tease her while observing four parameters. 
You can get close to the manager if your teasing 
is done in a proper way, but making mistake in teasing 
will result in being caught by other members, a game over.

3 different endings including game over.

* Parameters
- When to tease
You should be careful about timing. 
Tease her nicely to avoid failure in training her.

- Club member's sleep
Other members would notice what you are doing 
when their sleep is not deep (sleep depth indicated by this value).

- Manager's Sensitiveness
She will get unable to suppress moans as her sensitiveness increases.
Please note that her moans may awake other members.

- Manager's Lewdness
Her LV increases in response to her lewdness. 
It provides a wider variety of choices in training.

- Manager's Love Meter
This value affects the story and the ending.

* Hand-Drawn Animations
Staring with softcore touching, it escalates through
cunnilingus, fellatio, r*pe and so forth. Also contains 
penetration with bat, zoom up view of genital and cross-sectional view.

Train this manager, whose body is totally intact though having a boyfriend.

* Gallery Mode
Gallery mode is unlocked when you clear the game with the happy ending.
All choices are unlocked. You can see larger cut-in images.

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