Wednesday, April 18, 2018

[ACT] UnHolY DisAsTeR -Complete Edition- Ver.1.03

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Circle アンホリクリエイション
Release Mar/17/2018
Genre Dot/Pixel Lesbian Milking Tentacle Interspecies Sex Big Breasts

* Story

There is a country blessed with the plentiful vegetation and clear water 
in the western part of the Aeinxia continent. The prosperity of the country
owes a lot to so-called "Spirit of Water", that equals to gods in power.
People are blessed through special women called "Maidens of Water", 
who harness, with their peculiar ability, the spirit's power. 

Today, in the Temple of Water, a maiden trainee "Clementine" is set to attain 
the ability of Maidens of Water in a ritual. Wearing a solemn costume, she walks
to the depth of the temple in order to make a contract with the Spirit of Water.

On the other hand, a mysterious one who bears evil power draws near to the Temple of Water...

* Game
A maiden trainee who serves the Spirit of Water, Clementine fights against so-called 
demons with the spirit's blessings in this exploration based side-scrolling action game.

The heroine is capable of using various water-related special abilities in combat.
Since she is a trainee in the beginning, she does not have so much power but will 
obtain a variety of abilities as her exploration goes on. Nonetheless, this game 
does not employ the typical growth system based on EXP and level, which means 
you won't be frustrated by level grinding. 

* Erotic Scenes

When her health becomes zero, despite the fact that she is blessed by the spirit, 
she falls down on the ground. If an enemy touches her while she is down, 
it prompts special erotic scenes "Sexual Assault (hereafter referred to as SA)" where 
she is violated. SA is displayed in smooth pixel art animations and different types of 
enemies cause different animations. 

It is worth noting that you can restart the game after SA, but if the remaining number 
of restart runs out it causes a game over. In the game over screen an animation movie 
created using Live2D technology appears. Also, there are various things that induce 
status effects for example: aphrodisiac gas, slimy fluid, tentacle cloth, lewd emblem etc.

[No. of scenes]
Pixel Animation Count: 26 scenes
Game Over Scene Count: 15 scenes (9 scenes + 1 are animated)

Contains: violation in many positions, interspecies, tentacle, lesbian, masturbation, titjob etc. 

* Gallery Mode
This game has many extra features aside from the main gameplay for example:
achievements, item collection, gallery mode and so on.

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  1. How can I change the game language

    1. This game is in H-Games [Jap] category, so no english. You can see the labels at the bottom of the post.