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[ACT] Queen's Legacy Ver.1.2 [English]

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Circle Scratch
Release Apr/21/2017
Genre Prostitution Egg Production Gangbang Interspecies Sex

Immigration Planet Fenrir, a place where many different species gather...
In the ancient city of Arc9... there is legend of a young female warrior Astear 
and her overcoming hardship and tribulation to become Queen of all the lands.

Over time, as the eras passed, and the Queen became a relic of times begone. 
Now in this city, one young maiden, a female warrior, makes an appearance.

Her name is Leona, the crimson blade!

* Barren lands, mechatowers and dungeons... adventure in a land filled with 
various types of monsters and search the town for events galore in this RPG 
flavored exploration style 2D erotic action game!

* Gain and use a variety of skills, jump and attack, use special attacks and...
of course, upon being defeated by your enemies, undergo merciless violation!!

* In town, there are plenty of quests, a pink salon for prostitution, erotic acts 
with the local citizens, a colloseum, pole dancing, events, mini games and more!

* The erotic content features not only the protagonist but also sub / mob characters.

* 45+ erotic scene cuts! With VOICE, SFX and BGM! 

* Save points and gallery mode features implemented too.

"Upon raising your sword and facing tribulation...
Legacy of the legendary Queen will alight before you!"

[Regarding Saving Issues]
While the game contents that the player can see on the surface have 
been translated into English, within the underlying system there are 
filenames and program code that contain Japanese language characters.
As with most products, Japanese language / region settings must be 
correctly applied before downloading, extracting and playing the game.

*We recommend using 7Zip to extract which is free and you'll find HERE
Don't forget to read FAQ page if you got any errors.

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