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[ACT] PASSION MORTALE! Complete Edition [English]

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Circle Ishigaki
Release Nov/15/2017
Last Modified Dec/16/2017 
Genre Female Heroine Only Breasts Anime Nonhuman/Monster Girl Lesbian Futanari/Dick girl

A Side-Scrolling Action Game featuring a protagonist heroine 
that became a Futanari (d*ck chick) by the power of magic!

[Basic Controls]
LEFT / RIGHT arrows: Movement
DOWN arrow: Crouch / (during jump) Quick Descent
Z / Button1: Barrier / Confirm
X / Button2: Dash / Cancel / (while flying) Cancel Flight
C / Button3: Jump / (during jump) Fly
Q / Button7: Toggle Hitbox Display
Space / Button10: Pause
Esc: Terminate the game

* Upon contact with enemy characters, erotic scenes will occur 
and the pleasure gauge will fill up. When the pleasure gauge 
reaches max, the protagonist will ejaculate and her HP decrease.

* There are 17 types of enemy characters (all enemy characters are female)
and 33 different types of animation in this game. (mainly girl x girl action)
Titjobs, fellatio, handjobs, footjobs and normal sex are mainly featured.

* By having sex with some enemy characters your outfit will change.
(There are 6 different outfits in total)

* Use your barrier to reflect enemy attacks and charge into the enemy.
You can replenish your HP by performing erotic acts on defeated enemies!
8 stages in total. The last stage is a Boss Battle.

* You can enjoy animation at 60 fps in the gallery
(i.e. at a higher frame rate than during the action game)
By clearing a stage, the animations will be unlocked in the gallery.

* Game screen resolution is 1024x768.

*Because our rar files Use RAR 5.0 archive format. WINRAR ver.5.x or 7-zip is required.
Some rar files contain japanese-name files. And it might not extracted correctly if your PC can't read japanese text. We recommend to change your system locale to Japanese before extract.
Don't forget to read FAQ page if you got any errors.

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