Monday, March 26, 2018

[ACT] Nightmare for Android

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悪夢 Android版

Circle OniMasyumaro
Release Mar/24/2018
File Format APK
Genre Dot/Pixel Anime Splatter Psychotic Blood Ryona/Brutal

[Game Overview]

A fighting game like ryona (cruelty / brutality) action game,
where a girl is tragically murdered by a devilish man again and again.

The game itself is quite easy, as it takes only several minutes to 
get the last scene. However, if she were not harmed at all 
throughout the game you will get no ryona animations.

Mash the attack button to perform combination attacks.
As you go on stages you will see different combination attacks.
The bar in the upper side of the screen represents the enemy's health.
Konomi Nakahara (heroine) does not have a health bar.

When Konomi is damaged a ryona animation is to be displayed.
Since it takes place in her nightmare, death doesn't mean the end of ryona.

There are three stages (LEVEL). Brutality escalates with each stage.
When you beat the enemy, you can choose either to go to the next or to end the game.

[Ryona Animation List]
- LV.1 
Neck hanging 
Blood drain
Beat with bat
Iron Maiden
Water torture

- LV.2
Cut across abdomen
Seitei Juujiryou (from F*st of the North Star)
Daruma (dismembering / limblessness)
Wooden hourse

- LV.3
The World (from J*jo)
Cutting abdomen
Ground meat / Mince
Traffic accident

* This product contains grotesque expressions. Please be warned.

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