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[ACT] Melanie Blade Ver.2018-02-25

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Release Mar/02/2018
Genre Successive Orgasms Dot/Pixel Internal Cumshot Violation Interspecies Sex Big Breasts

"Melanie Blade" is the game for you if you love the following! 
- Love pixel-art erotica 
- Love creampie sex 
- Love hack and slash games 
- Love seeing strong willed girls turning lewd!! 

* Overview

Melanie, the diligent and busty female swordsman, stands up to protect her country! 
She wants to regain her former strength, but cannot level up without having sex!? 
A top-down hack and slash game which incorporates a new sensational system! 

Once you defeat monsters and save up enough money, get creampied in a naughty store. 
Melanie gets r*ped in smoothly moving and lewd pixel animations. 
Because she needs to get her strength back... it cannot be helped right! 

It's game over if you are defeated by any monster lurking about. 
H scenes are fully prepared when you are defeated, 
so you're in big trouble if you keep your guard down! 

* Features 

You cannot level up no matter how many monsters you defeat. So what do you do? 
Once you save up enough money, head to the town's brothel. 
There, you can recover your health, level up, learn new skills, etc. so it's an important place! 
This is a disgrace to the diligent Melanie, but she has to do her best to regain her strength! 

The more you get r*ped, the stronger Melanie becomes. 
Raise your level as much as you can and defeat the final boss! 

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