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[ACT] Damned, Kill me!! Ver.2016-12-21

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Damned, Kill me!!〜くっ、殺せ! オークと女騎士の物語〜

Circle touhou-marupon-dou
Release Nov/16/2015
Last Modified Dec/21/2016 
Genre Dot/Pixel Warrior Interspecies Sex

Two heroes rose in the same land. 
One was a human lady knight. 
One was an orcish mercenary leader. 
It was their destiny to meet, and they did. 

* Optimized for play with a USB controller; recommended!
* You are permitted stream and upload recorded video of this game. 
Please read the user agreement carefully. 
* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates. 
* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility. 


The player controls the female knight who is captured by the orcs! 
Fight to claim her freedom! 

Absorb the abilities of fallen bosses and wield them in later stages! 
Employ an arsenal of skills like the unblockable high speed Shield Bash, powerful sword Slash Attack and supernatural Charm Shot. 

Fail and watch the beautiful knight succumb to monsters of unspeakable offense...... 
and treat yourself to Touhou Marupon Dou's covetous blend of pixel hentai anime 
and CG illustrations with text. 

* Depicts interspecies sex, bondage, body scrawl, pregnancy, birth, more. 


"Gossamer Fatima", leader of the Fatima Knights, led her army 
against "Firemane Bolfes", leader of the Orcs, at the Battle of Kuos Peninsula 
where she was defeated. 

Fatima and her women were thereafter reared as enemy "livestock". 

As a subordinate, Fatima rose to the battlefield. 
In order to free her fellow and severely mistreated Knights, 
she makes war under cover of the land---! 

Touhou Marupon Dou presents: 
Damned, Kill Me!! (Jpns title: "Ku, Korose! Orc to Onna Kishi no Monogatari") 
A Stage-By-Stage ACTION GAME with QUALITY HENTAI packed in! 
Your mission is to CLEAR ALL STAGES. 

* 16 CG unique images
* Over 200 CG total images
* Dot animation with 7 standard monsters x 2 patterns 
* 10 varieties of Boss Defeat patterns 
* Built-in gallery mode

CONQUER the chaotic land of Dolgar, CLAIM your FREEDOM!

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