Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Processed Successfully Reward

To encourage our patrons. I took today's Futa POV and compiled it into a single file, make any short clip to loop around 20 sec. And got a result of 18:17 minutes playtime with 60FPS video file.

This reward will send via patreon message on next Wednesday to every patrons that have their pledge processed successfully at 1-5 March.

Ps. Anyone that still on VIP2. Today is the last day to edit your pledge, Please do so. And for anyone that decided to stay with us on 20$. Thank you very much. We appreciate it!


  1. Hi, I would like to request, if possible, this game? Thank you very much.
    P.S: The game is made by the circle moyasix.

    1. Searched but found nothing at the moment.