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Circle E-made+
Published date Aug/13/2017
Genre Internal Cumshot Violation Rape Tentacle Interspecies Sex Ryona/Brutal

Riona happens to be sent to a strange place all of a sudden.

"Where on earth am I?"

Sandwiched between fear and anxiety, she tries to find her way back to home.
However, awaiting her in this place are cruel monsters and dangerous traps...

Can she find the passage back from this nightmare?!
The hidden fact will be told at the ending!

This game is 2D + 3D side-scroller erotic action.
You will run 5 stages + extra in this game.
Clothing damage system is implemented.
Loss of entire hit point causes r*pe by enemies, or dying animation.

21 patterns of erotic animations (with VOICE)
Animation speed is adjustable (slow / high speed)
"Finish Button" and zoom button are available

You can see unlocked erotic scenes in Gallery Mode.

*We recommend using 7Zip to extract which is free and you'll find HERE
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