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[RPG] Sword Princess Cistina - The Chosen Saint [English]

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【剣闘姫】システィーナ 探索型RPG ~選ばれし聖母の子~

Circle Doujin Circle Gyu!
Release Mar/30/2014
Last Modified Dec/17/2015 
File Format EXE
Genre Childhood Friend Queen/Princess Pregnancy/Impregnation Childbirth Orgy Sex Pregnant Woman

*Activemovie Window Fix: Download and install K-Lite Codec Pack Standard

*-/*\-* A high fantasy RPG about times of old *-/*\-* 
Indie roleplaying from Gyu, to you! 

One thousand years ago, a murderous demon god called Loft opened 
the gate between the demon realm and the human world and began a great genocide. 
He was stopped by the holy hero, St. Orianne. 
But now, one thousand years later, Loft has been liberated, and 
the gate opens once more!!! 

The empress of Lorelle castle, skilled with a rapier sword. Known as the Sword Princess. 
A young boy who lives in the town of Lorelle. Cistina's playmate in childhood. Weak in battle. 
Luis's friend who grew up in the slums. Short tempered and fiercely strong. 
Descended from St. Orianne. Has the holy power to close the gate. 
Live the Hero 
A powerful human whose kind is only born once every 300 years. 
A power demon god who committed genocide on humanity 1000 years ago. 
He is free again, and intends to finish the job... 
The Kamimiya 
Loft's minions, a group of four subservient demons. 

So many ecchi types: 
Mother-daughter team 
Pregnancy & birth 
Interspecies sex (orc, tentacle, ghoul, etc.) 
Human sex ( bandit, fighter, warrior, etc.) 
Orgy sex/gangbangs 
and more 

* All H custscenes come in 3 variations (standard, lewd, pregnant) with text and CG variations) 
* Classic Gyu! stress-free fast progress gameplay 
* Virgin and group sex endings, etc. are included 

So many features: 
47 CG base images 
Over 700 visual assets 
18 kisekae outfits (costume changes) 
Ero flashes 
Dancing treasure 
Fail-state H cutscenes right on the battle screen 
Current status displays for p*ssy and anus, with dynamic color and shape change 
Convenient "knowledge" system (titles display who's a virgin or not, who you can sleep with, who's a prostitute, etc.) 
Kisekae ecchi mode (Q key) -- a mini outfitting and teasing game with features that gradually unlock 
Lewdness leveling system -- do obscene things 10 times, level up your lewdness! 
Customizable battle/field music, character names, game window design, etc. 
Pose art options 
You can toggle pubic hair, wink, put on glasses... 
Status is reflected in outfits 
CG appreciation mode, replay mode 
and more 

Created by Gyu 

Note from the creator: 
I was able to put everything I wanted into this game. 
You may see it in the functionality, but I believe the story is also rich. 
As I have said on my blog, recent ero RPGs have robust storylines. 
Gyu feels this is a good thing. Story is critical. It's an ero GAME. 

What I'm getting at is, Gyu doesn't necessarily want to make porn. 
There is plenty to masturbate to, but after that, there should be more. 

The story of Sword Princess Cistina has comedy and drama, and erotica. 
RPG is about adventure. Wank games and f*ck games can be RPGs, but leave something to be desired. 

In this case, I wanted to make a classic RPG set in mystical olden times. 
It's not a wank game. It's an ero game that I trust will leave you satisfied. 
Please, enjoy the journey of Cistina, the chosen one. 

* Requires RPG Tkol VX Ace RTP (free):

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Some rar files contain japanese-name files. And it might not extracted correctly if your PC can't read japanese text. We recommend to change your system locale to Japanese before extract.
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  1. Can't get it to start, missing audio and graphic files. I have set the system locale to Japanese and have tried with both 7zip and winrar.

    1. Tested and its working fine for me.

  2. I've been holding off on playing this game for ages, but I did get really far in, without being able to get the story well. I figured eventually they'd be patches that would come out. Over the years they've been several.

    Is this patched version the latest, or some older version? The game has had many versions in the first 2 or so years since it was released in 2014. Just curious. I do know later versions added some more content, such as being able to lewd the king/prince (incest).