Thursday, January 4, 2018

[RPG] CRYSTAL FANTASY ~Chapters of the Chosen Braves~ Ver.1.06 [English]

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Release Feb/16/2017
Genre Anime Interspecies Sex

R18 animated RPG featuring your favorite characters 
from a certain Final you know what game series!


The God of disorder, Chaos.
The Goddess of harmony, Cosmos.

In order to break the stalemate of their never ending battle, 
Chaos begins to create fake worlds and 
in order to stop him 12 braves are called to action......

All motions are smoothly animated!
When receiving H attacks from enemies, 
clothes are ripped and girls are wet......
3 characters max can join the battle at once 
and characters can be switched in / out at will.

*H Scenes*
Breasts and ass jiggle away in the voluptuously delicious animation.
Move the camera, zoom in on the action and savor the erotic climaxes!

*System Features*
- full animation battle
- H scene animation
- monsters erotic attacks
- clothing removal features
- battle voice on / off
- battle anime reminiscence
- window obscuring
- BGM, SE, ME (sound adjustment)
- message skip

*Because our rar files Use RAR 5.0 archive format. WINRAR ver.5.x or 7-zip is required.
Some rar files contain japanese-name files. And it might not extracted correctly if your PC can't read japanese text. We recommend to change your system locale to Japanese before extract.
Don't forget to read FAQ page if you got any errors.

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  1. When I try to run the exe, I just get a black screen

  2. Tested and it's working fine.

  3. Replies
    1. you have to overwrite an existing save then it will show up

  4. when i play, game always forced close.
    can help me to solve it ?