Friday, April 13, 2018

[H-Games][ACT] Castle of Succubus Ver.1.02

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Circle Libra Heart
Release Aug/09/2015
Genre Dot/Pixel Fantasy Violation Rape Ponytail Big Breasts

[ Castle of Succubus ]

Vixen hunter "Simone Belmont" 
wields a holy whip en route to the demon castle 
An awesome retro NES-style action game! 

[ H CGs 40 images, 63 total incl. variants ] 

No tedious systems or techniques! 
Just drop into the game and intuitively discover how to play. 
Before you think, give it a play! 

[Infinite continues! ] 

Relax! Retry! This isn't about tooth-grinding punishment. 

[ Easy mode! ] 

Easy mode removes enemy knock-back
If you get stuck, just lean on that forward button 
and push your way ahead! 

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