Friday, April 13, 2018

[ACT] SUPER 117 Ver1.063

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SUPER 117 ~帰ってきた天気予報~

Circle nanakusadou
Release Nov/27/2014
Last Modified Jun/21/2017 
File Format EXE
Genre Dot/Pixel Girl Internal Cumshot Coercion/Compulsion Gangbang

That eroge forgotten to history is revived for modern day gaming!

Super 117 is more than just a nudie platformer -- Nanakusadou has implemented the patented real-time NBFS (Nanakusadou Battle F*ck System). Lead a team of 3 dudes against girls who just won't give it up -- land a pleasure KO and *get* photos (event CGs) that let you instantly cash in for hot sex scenes! 

* Illustration & CGs * 
Future Helper Robot ... Metata
Monkey, Girl ... om 
Wild Girl ... Aku no Tojyo

* Pixel art & Anime * 
Hirokichi Nanakusadou

* Cast * 
Future Helper Robot ... Kyoko Aie 
Monkey, Girl ... Yuu Shimotsuki 
Wild Girl ... Kaede Akino 

* System * 
Logo design ... Mayoineko 
Cross-section pixel anime ... Unicorn

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  1. Game is so damn hard! Anyone find cheats or a save file?