Wednesday, April 11, 2018

[ACT] LAB-Still Alive- Ver.1.25

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Circle Neko no Meme
Release Jun/12/2013
Last Modified Nov/11/2015 
Genre Vore Violation Restraint Rape Tentacle Robot Sex


* Story 
Deep in the jungle is a certain research facility. A place where robots to soldiers to biological organisms are studied. 
One day an incident of unknown cause triggers chaos. The facility is locked down in quarantine mode. 
Researcher Misa has to figure out what went wrong. But more than that, she needs to survive. 

* Gameplay 
LAB -Still Alive- is a sexy sci-fi indie pixel side scrolling explorer / action game. 
The player is strengthened by weapons and items. 

* Special situations 
Enemies can seize the player solo or in groups under special situations. 
1. When the player is idle. 
2. When the player is down. 
3. When the player is occupied with another enemy. 
4. By throwing a false switch. 
5. When the player's health reaches zero.

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