Wednesday, March 28, 2018

[ACT] Pegasus Knight X II Ver 2.0

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女戦士監禁II ~女戦士と旅の仲間たち~

Circle nekofuguri
Release Jan/09/2015
Genre Fantasy Bestiality Interspecies Sex

A compilation of multiple fantasy, monster sex, and bestiality scenes in a side-scrolling Action RPG.

Added 17 variations of events inside the story from "Pegasus Knight X II".
Internal ejaculation, monster r*pe, bestiality, public sex, birth, torture, bondage, entrapment in ice, baby play, and much more!

*In-combat sex scenes are only female warriors, but many more characters are prepared for event sex scenes.

*The map size is 3 times as big as before, there is 5 times as much animation, and there are 17 varieties of event animations prepared.

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