We're now use magnet links in all posts. Its easy and work with most of your bittorrent client. Here's how to get it work.

Try these step if you can't unzip the file. 

1. Use force recheck command in your bittorrent client to check for download error.

2. Better change your system locale to Japanese before extract our zip files. Because some zip files that have japanese-name files inside may not unpack correctly (without showing error message). And you might get errors when try to play that application.

3. Update your Winrar or use 7zip to extract.


How to run Japanese H-Games and Application.

1. Make sure it's folder name is in English.

2. If you can't run it normally. Try using Locale Emulator to run the application.

3. Change your system locale to Japanese. Then run the game directly.

4. Some games need RPGVX RTP installed in order to play.


5. If you have a plan to play many Japanese application or h-games. We also recommend to change your system locale to Japanese permanently or you might get some application error from time to time.


We're now have direct downloads in some posts.

If you're browsing this blog using VPN and not get a full speed download because of your VPN. Right click the direct download button and copy link address. You have to edit the link a little bit to get the actual link.

When I open my blog using VPN like https://whoer.net/webproxy
The download button link look like this


The actual link is


As you can see, Just edit the first part of the vpn link




The first part will be the same for all direct download posts.

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